* Would you like to know what country your great grandmother     was from?

* Are you curious about your family's past and don't know where to begin?

* Have you hit a brick wall?

* Would you like to know what occupations your ancestors had?

* Would you like to find any war veterans in your family?


I can discover so many interesting aspects of your ancestors by researching your family tree as far back as records allow.  My own family tree has many lines back to the 1500's.  It still grows as I uncover more clues that enable me to find and add more relatives.  All facts are cited and documented, so you have knowledge of where the information came from.

I have researched in various countries such as England, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, and successfully acquired birth records, death certificates, parish records, and other sources of material.  I treasure my own family history, and by helping you with your tree, you can find your family's story as well.


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